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Panasonic Wireless Speaker SC-UA90

Panasonic Wireless Speaker SC-UA90

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With a stylist twist and mind-blowing sound, URBAN AUDIO is fully redesigned with stunning features, all with the goal to achieve perfection in sophistication. It's time to feel each wave of emotion from every musical note. And to take the music in your life to a whole new level, for you and for loved ones. One and only elegant music experience let URBAN AUDIO bring a rich new resonance to your life.

Dynamic sound from
all-in-one speaker
Room-filling Expansive Sound

To attain sufficient sound pressure, the UA90 has a total of 10 speaker units —two 20-cm super woofer units, four 8-cm midrange woofers, and four 6-cm tweeters. And wide directivity is obtained by positioning the midrange woofers and tweeters on three sides.

Overwhelming bass
and resonance

The robust bass and resonance needed to power a great party have been strengthened still further by the unique Bass Reflex System. Unique port technology pushes sound forward without losing the audio resonance generated from behind the woofer unit. This further amplifies the bass to produce a powerful airquake experience.

Total noise-reduction
for clear sound
Back-to-back Speaker Placement reduces cabinet vibration by canceling opposed reaction movements. Hexa-Cylinder Cabinet reduces standing wave and reflection, and makes for a more rigid cabinet, which in turn reduces the resonance.

Combination of function with design
Cool downlight illumination

An LED downlight illumination has been added to the bottom of the body. Together with the central blue line light illumination, it gives your room a cool atmosphere, making for a special experience.
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